Program Committee 2016

Compiling an interesting conference program depends on the choice of the speakers and the related content. Our Call for Papers is already open until June 12, 2016, 23:59 CET. All submissions will be reviewed in an anonymous view ensuring a high quality program by our great program committee of Codemotion Berlin 2016. Let us introduce you to the members.


Natalie Pistunovich


Natalie is a Backend Developer at adjust. Prior to that she was at the Silicon Integration team in Intel, and graduated B.Sc. in Software and Computer Engineering from the Technion. In her free time she is a Golang Berlin meetups co-organizer, Women Techmakers Berlin lead and a good music appreciator.




Gianluca Varisco


Gianluca Varisco is the VP of Security at Rocket Internet SE, responsible for overseeing the security architecture and compliance of the company’s massive, globally distributed network. All aspects of corporate security, including information protection, ID management, network security, threat analysis, emergency response, security policy, and audit/compliance programs fall under his purview. Gianluca has over 8 years of experience in developing and managing information systems. Prior to Rocket Internet, he held engineering roles at Red Hat, Group, PrivateWave.



Ole Michaelis


Ole Michaelis is the co-founder of SoCoded, a hackfest and web development conference in Hamburg. He’s a Software Engineer at Jimdo, a DIY website creator, where he focuses on backend development. In his free time, he’s building, a hazzle-free slide sharing platform. Ole is passionate about open source software, enjoys traveling, and loves Mexican food. He classifies himself as a ‘bad’ German as he dislikes beer and soccer – the traditional German past-times.


Birgitta Böckeler


Birgitta is a software developer and consultant with ThoughtWorks in Germany. She has been building software across all layers for almost 15 years now, mainly in the space of large custom-developed websites. “Since I first discovered how to talk to computers, I have not been able to stop. I thrive on juggling the complexities of building software and finding the simplicity in it, and I love that it never gets old.”




Florian Gilcher


Florian Gilcher is a CEO of asquera GmbH, a consultancy for new technologies, especially in backend usage and around databases. He founded multiple usergroups – Rust Berlin amongst them. He is a member of the Rust community core team, helping build meetups around the world. Before that, he was involved in the eurucamp and JRubyConf.EU and is a hobbyist bulleting board moderator. He’s also board member of Ruby Berlin e.V.



Florian Albrecht


Florian is an iOS developer from Hamburg. After being a web developer for some years during his studies he was immediately fascinated by iOS development after getting his first iPhone more than five years ago. He already worked on multiple different projects like mytaxi and car2go and just started as a freelancer in summer this year.





Ellen König


Ellen is a data developer and aspiring social psychologist. She is is deeply fascinated by all sorts of data and code related topics such as data analysis, data hacking, code quality, developer culture and the implications of information technology for our future daily lives. As a programming language polyglot she has learned (and partially forgotten) what feels like more than a dozen programming languages and is always curious to explore new paradigms. She also enjoys sharing her favorite interests with others, be it through talks, organizing meetups or coaching at workshops (e.g. at Rails Girls Berlin & OpenTechSchool Berlin).



Hasan Hoşgel


Hasan Hoşgel is a dedicated Android developer with over fiveteen years of professional programming experience. Since 2010 doing all day long Android application development. He works since 2006 for ImmobilienScout24, Germany’s real estate marketplace leader. With a short intermezzo at Kitchen Stories, which offered a premium cooking application. He is co-organizer of the “GDG Berlin Android”.



Cecilia Palmer


Cecilia Palmer is a Berlin-based developer and designer combining web, fashion, open source and sustainability. She is specialized on front-end development, currently as a freelance web producer, previously part of the newthinking IT-team. Aside from producing websites, Cecilia regularly facilitates open design workshops, teaches children to code and is passionate about upcycling and textile crafts.



Florian Thiel


Florian is a systems-engineer—turned-scientist-turned-developer-turned-general-engineer, mostly in a Web world. He loves automation, learning, numbers and bringing people together. Right now, he works on APIs for Deutsche Post E-Post Development GmbH.






Lukas Gotter


Lukas is a passionate web and software developer with a never ending curiosity and an open attitude for all different programming languages, paradigms and platforms. In his career he developed and managed numerous projects ranging from websites and portals to web applications, databases and web services. He lived in different european cities and since five years he established his home base in Berlin and takes part in the vibrant tech community. Currently he works as senior consultant for codecentric AG.



Ansgar Schmidt


Ansgar is a passionate maker and hacker in the area of IoT. From designing hardware (PCB) over a single bit in a MC register to
a cognitive cloud solution he likes to tweak and tinker projects. Beside home automatisation he likes to work on robots and
hydroponic systems. His job as evangelist for Bluemix and IoT at IBM lets him combine passion and work so you can meet him
at several hackathons, hackspaces and conferences.


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