Codemotion is one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe with an international network of 30.000 developers and 350 speakers and further partner conferences in Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Dublin, Dubai, Tel-Aviv and Madrid (check out Codemotionworld).

This year’s edition took place on October 24 & 25 at Kulturbrauerei Berlin – around 500 visitors enjoyed a lively mixture of conference talks on 4 stages. Check out the conference photos of Codemotion Berlin 2016 here.

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What are our main goals:

  • higher community involvement by integration of separate Community Stage
  • consistent mixture of tech talks and site program
  • relevant keynotes and high quality conference program
  • comfortable social spaces for knowledge exchange and networking

Codemotion Berlin provides a platform for international developers, engineers and coders in order to exchange ideas, raise awareness for new projects/topics, generally speaking to share the enthusiasm about all facets of coding.

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It offers a unique opportunity to all visitors to gather new inspirations, energy and knowledge in combination with the chance to network and chat with fellow visitors passionate about coding. Codemotion Berlin is open to all languages and technologies. We want to bring together interested developers who’d like to think outside the box and understand the intersections in technology and programming.

Photos: cc-by-sa 2.0 Ania Sudbin

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