Interview with program committee member Florian Gilcher

We’ve interviewed Florian Gilcher, who is one of our program committee members highly involved in the program compilation of #CodemotionBLN taking place on October 24 & 25 at Kulturbrauerei Berlin. He will give you a short insight about the difficulties of creating a well-balanced conference program and lastly his personal preferences of this year’s program.

Benni: Hi Florian, it is the first time you’ve been part of our Codemotion Berlin program committee. Can you shortly describe your experiences so far?

Florian: I liked last years Codemotion for its varied and well-picked program and was very happy to be asked to be on the program committee. The committee was a nice crowd of people from all fields relevant to Codemotion, which meant that we had to have quite some discussions about how to bring them all into the program. This means that attendees will experience a well-weighted program this year, again.

Benni: What is your personal conclusion about the quality of roundabout 280 talk submissions?

Florian: It’s one of those situations that make you both happy and a little sad. At that number of submissions, there’s a lot of talks that you’d personally like to see and some of those are going to get cut to make sure there’s a varied program. The general submission quality was high, which doesn’t make things easier, so many talks fell into the range of being possibly accepted.

Benni: Which talks are your personal highlights of the conference?

Florian: “10 misconceptions you should know about to take better decisions” by Lea Böhm will be great, she gives great talks about things usable in everyday business. “Decouple all the things – asynchronous messaging keeps it simple” by Kerstin Puschke. Messaging is an often-ignored technical topic and Kerstin knows how to explain it well. Finally “Embedded Rust on IoT devices”. Why? I will come to that.

Benni: You’ve been involved with compiling the diversified program. When can I be perfectly sure that Codemotion Berlin is the right conference to go to? What’s your advice?

“Codemotion is a great conference for getting an overview of what’s currently happening, both for beginner and experienced attendees.”

Florian: Codemotion is a great conference for getting an overview of what’s currently happening, both for beginner and experienced attendees. It’s a nice “mix” conference, where you can have a wider look at the state of the industry, without focusing too much on a topic. You’ll hear about some new stuff, some standard stuff and some things that help you in your everyday work immediately. On the other hand, Codemotion is still a conference that doesn’t have a big program, you can still go and see most of it. It doesn’t overload you with offers. If you don’t yet know what the industry has to offer or just want to get a good overview of current developments, Codemotion is your ideal conference.

Benni: Besides the regular conference program – what is going to be the most interesting thing about this year’s Codemotion Berlin?

Florian: Definitely the community stage, in which I will be involved from the side of the Rust community. It’s a nice way to have the very active Berlin community involved in such an event. Finally, it’s a conference in Berlin and Berlin always has the habit of surprising you. Let’s see what the city comes up with in October!

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